Wild (And Not So Wild) Life

Getting our Goat(s)


Maybe it goes without saying that I was thrilled when the breeder reached out to me and said she thought she'd identified a doeling that would be good for our situation -- our situation being that we were looking for a "family milker," as it's called in the parlance. She sent pictures and we fell [...]

Wildflower Spring


Yesterday afternoon brought just the latest in a series of powerful thunderstorms that have blown through our area in recent weeks. Even with the power flickering on and off and the weather radio siren blaring on the other side of the house, it was impossible to ignore the view-blurring intensity of the rain coming down. [...]

The Littlest Canine


You may recall me writing sentimentally about a little lost Chihuahua that stayed with our family through Christmas last year. Well, we grew so fond of "Cookie" that it didn't take us too long to head back to Stray Acres Sanctuary and Animal Rescue and find ourselves a new furry friend: miniature variety. So, let me [...]