No Waste

More Area “Tiny House” Companies: Arched Cabins


They call it the "Tiny House Revolution" -- the apparently growing movement to downsize your living space to maximize financial security, independence, simplicity and freedom. I don't have stats to prove this movement is growing, only a sense of how often I'm seeing this kind of thing in the news and a gauge of my own web [...]

The Egg Update: Backyard Chickens at 10 Weeks


We still have a few weeks until they begin gracing us with eggs, but watching them remains quite entertaining. They like watermelon and do an amazing job of cleaning up the rinds after our children have had their fill. But their favorite treat, by far, is black soldier fly larvae which, luckily for them, happen to [...]

Living Simply: Being Happy With Less


Behind all this back-to-nature, recycling, renovated-school-bus, simple living philosophizing that I do on this blog is a simple desire: to focus on the right things, to be happy. And, of course, to teach (by whatever means) my kids that way of looking at the world. You may or may not be familiar with the concept of [...]

Making Haggis From Scratch


If you've even heard of the Scottish delicacy called Haggis, you are probably grossed out by the description. I think people enjoy describing it in the most off-putting words possible, just to scare others, and maybe make themselves seem cool and adventurous for trying it. To be honest, it's no more exotic than any other [...]

Alternative Living Spaces & No Waste: One Year In A Dumpster


On these virtual pages you've seen tales of folks living in school buses, in shipping containers and on trailers, but an Austin professor is taking things even further, at least for a year. Jeff Wilson, environmental science professor and dean at Huston Tillotson University, will be residing in a re-furbished dumpster. He'll have only 33 square feet [...]

The Find


There's a certain type of story you'll encounter a lot in DIY or crafting circles. I call it "The Find." The story generally starts at a garage sale, in a grandparent's attic or barn, by the side of the road, or at some other unlikely location for discovering anything of value. But there is is... [...]

No Waste: Cooking With Sweet Potato Greens


Remember way back at the beginning of this gardening season, before daily 100-degree heat advisories set in? I had finally filled up my raised beds with soil and, lacking any other planting opportunities, I plunked some sprouting store-bought sweet potatoes in the ground in my enthusiasm. Yeah, they didn't look very promising. They got even [...]

No Waste: Capturing The Moment With Rain Barrels


In Central Texas, we've got plenty of sunshine. Also, plenty of bugs -- this time of year you feel like you're wading through a sea of grasshoppers as you walk through the yard, as they scatter with high jumps all around you. What we don't have enough of is rain. It's really quite dire. People [...]

No Waste: The Nose-To-Tail Lifestyle


I didn't grow up during the Great Depression or anything, but you'd probably never know it from some of my attitudes -- and I'm not the only one; there's a whole "meme" or groundswell occurring in our society. What in the world am I talking about? You may have heard about the idea of nose-to-tail [...]

The Big Questions


Here's one of the big questions that is keeping me up nights. Is dryer lint compostable? Because that's what it's all about for me lately: compost. I mean, I can't get organized enough to ensure fruits and veggies don't rot in my refrigerator, but at least once I've discovered rot in progress I can throw [...]