Here, Chick Chick Chick Chick!


It's been a busy few weeks on the homestead. We've had the usual cleaning jobs, plus planting and maintaining the veggie garden, setting up and running our above-ground pool for the season, coaching soccer, preparing for summer (lots of events at school), and a new spring endeavor -- chicken keeping. They call them "gateway livestock," because [...]

If I Had A Dog….


Beautiful song and video released this week by Nat Johnson, on a subject that's near and dear to my heart, and that of all dog lovers.

Happy Cows Kick Up Their Heels


Cows kicking up their heels with joy? Yes, indeed, as you'll see in this video from thefunkyfarmer's dairy farm in Gloucestershire, England. I grew up around cows and have never seen such happy specimens. These ungainly creatures manage to gallop with the excitement of calves or foals, such is the depth of their pleasure. discovered [...]

Our “Livestock Guardian Dog”


No, those aren't unnecessary quotation marks in the title. I put them there because so far, she's mostly guarding us from frogs and our own cats. Good thing she's cute because on the guarding front, she's more trouble than she's worth.

The Love of a Dog


When we "inherited" 13-year-old Maggie after my father's death, we didn't know what to expect. We'd never had a dog (as adults), and she was a mix of some unknown breeds, so we didn't have breed characteristics to help us set our expectations. But she turned out to be a perfect match for our family. [...]

Adventures In Raw Milk


When we decided to move here from NYC, we made the conscious decision to skip the suburbs. For various reasons, the city wasn't practical for us, so we decided to take it all the way and live in the country. Yes, it's a bit different than living in Brooklyn. One of the advantages, I hoped [...]