Better To Have Loved And Lost?


It's a bit more lonely in my home office than in recent days. I didn't even know I was missing anything, but after my husband found a lost Chihuahua just before Christmas, I found -- and my whole family found -- surprising pleasure in its presence. We loved the sound of his little feet scurrying [...]

Free Range Easter Eggs


For past Easters, I have been organized enough to buy at least a dozen white eggs from the store for dying, thinking the colorful dyes would show up best on a white backdrop. This year, what with broken-down cars, high fevers, scorpion stings and second-degree burns, it's all been a little more "on the fly," [...]

The Best Gift


SWAGG is a free mobile app (download here) that lets you shop smarter using your mobile phone. Buy, send or swap SWAGG GIFTS and organize your old school plastic gift cards. For every download of the app between now and Dec. 31, 2010, SWAGG will donate $1 to Stand Up To Cancer (SU2C), up to [...]

Heavenly Toffee


I know I've previously advocated making homemade toffee, but if you're pressed for time, you couldn't do better than to order Enstrom's almond toffee. Send it as a gift to your favorite people, or gobble it up yourself. You won't be sorry (until you step on the scale). We were introduced to Enstrom's when my [...]

Homemade Toffee: Christmas Tradition

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I learned most of my cooking skills under the tutelage of my mother. On special occasions, when she had a lot of cooking to do, she'd hand me a recipe card and put me to work. We'd work alongside one another, and I'd occasionally ask her what was meant by words like "sift" or "fold." [...]

Happy Valentine’s Day!


Yes, I bought the champagne solely for the romantic pink packaging. I'm looking forward to enjoying it tonight with my sweetheart. It's chilling now, while he works and I handle the decidedly unromantic job of taking care of the kids all day. Hopefully the bubbly will taste as good as it looks. I think I'm [...]

Our Thanksgiving Menu


It's 8:27 p.m. the night before Thanksgiving. My husband is peeling sweet potatoes and my feet are throbbing from standing up in the kitchen for hours. I hope I'm not speaking too soon in saying we're in good shape for tomorrow. Here's what's on the menu for my very first Thanksgiving as chef: Fresh young [...]