Free Ranging Fridays

Return of Flowering (and Fruiting) Friday — the Garden Edition


It's only taken 3 years (gardening means patience, remember?), but, at last, our Darrow blackberry vines are bursting into flower. When we planted them originally, they were bare-root and nearly bare-leaf tiny little things. I think we got one blackberry last year, but things are really showing promise now. This flourishing has inspired me so [...]

Flowering Friday – Purple Sage


What I know about purple (Silverado) sage: It's native to this area and very drought-tolerant. When other plants withered last summer, our two sages soldiered on. Deer don't eat it. Yes! These gorgeous flowers are spurred by... rain. Not the season or any other natural signal. It's like they're celebrating the bounty with a fireworks [...]

Free Ranging Friday


No big linkfest today, folks, just the next (and final) installment of the Austin Airport Women's Bathroom art extravaganza. After that last post, I think we could all use a little lighter mood. So, here goes... This, I think we can all agree, is a bat. Austin is known for these, having the largest urban [...]

Ranging Free Friday


Here's my weekly round-up of the interesting and though-provoking around the Web: * Exploiting Beauty in the Workplace - Gill Corkindale - Harvard Business Review. Interesting piece about the role looks play in the workplace. In sales positions, especially, being physically attractive is rewarded. With myself, I know that I don't feel as confident when I'm [...]