Free Range is the personal hobby blog of Pamela Parker Caird. I’m an interactive media and marketing professional who got into the biz because of my love for online content and writing. I’m a journalist — Executive Features Editor at Marketing Land and Search Engine Land. In this space, I write about food, cooking, family, gardening and design, with a little bit of technology thrown in here and there.

Why Free Range? For me, it resonates in a few different ways. First, I am concerned about factory farming and its impact on our environment and our health, and “free range”, however ambiguous a phrase, connotes some sort of return to more traditional farming and ranching. Second, I’m a believer in the “free range parenting” espoused by Lenore Skenazy. I think children do better without helicopter parenting and with some autonomy and responsibility. Third, when I started this site, back in 2006, I didn’t want to commit to what my subject matter would be. It would range freely, I thought.  And it still does, though I have begun to focus more on parenting, food, cooking, gardening, homesteading and sustainable living.

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