Comments Are Back… And More To Come


The past few weeks have been busy but I do have some good news to share. After much wrangling, I’ve managed to get the comment function to work on this site. It seems that the Disqus commenting system and/or the Facebook plug-in somehow conflicts with the software I’m using for the design, so it turned out that Disqus and Facebook had to go — at least for now.

It’s been quite a while since I’ve had comments actually working here, so I hope some visitors come out of the shadows and make themselves known.

Besides doing techie things, I’ve spent many cold days lately perfecting the making of vanilla pudding. For a while there, I had our free range eggs, grass fed butter and local raw milk to make it with. It was exquisite. I’ll share my recipe in the coming days — why I ever loved pudding from a box mix is beyond me.

Free Range Egg Yolks, courtesy of our hens

Free Range Egg Yolks, courtesy of our hens

And there’s a larger topic I’ll be tackling — things I’ve discovered are as easy to make from scratch as they are to make from a box.

So, yes, there are recipes and techniques to come and it’s almost time for seed starting! This year, I’m trying some new things, and I’ll be sure to share the experience and the results as they happen.

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