Spring In The Sanctuary

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Up in New York, we kept our eyes peeled for the first daffodils, or tulips, or forsythia (I love that word). But, in this part of the country, there’s one sure sign of spring.


This time of year, you’ll see cars pulled over and photos being taken at fields abundant with bluebonnets — Texas’ state flower. Our more cultivated garden is looking greener, too, what with surprise lettuce (planted last year, and suddenly sprouted this one) and plentiful cilantro.



Meanwhile, my baby seedlings are making their appearance outside, getting a gentle introduction to the sun and wind.


We have been pleasantly surprised to see new growth on even the saddest cases: the blackberry stumps and peach tree remnants have beat the odds and are looking very much alive and well. And another life cycle begins at our little sanctuary.


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