Emails From September 2001

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Following, emails and photos I sent to family members in the days and weeks after the attacks of September 11, 2001.

From Tue Sep 11 09:00:43 2001
Importance: High
X-eGroups-From: “Parker, Pamela” From: “Parker, Pamela”
Subject: situation 

Hi. I just wanted everyone to know I am ok and unhurt in all of this mess,
thus far. I’m at work and can walk out on Fifth avenue and see what’s left
of the World Trade Center. It’s devastating. Supposedly the subways are shut
down as are bridges and tunnels out of the city. It’s crazy and we are
rushing like mad to cover the story, so I’d better go. Just wanted you to
know I’m ok.



From Tue Sep 11 17:25:58 2001
Subject: RE: [yadayada] situation
Date: Tue, 11 Sep 2001 14:59:18 -0400

We’ve now been evacuated from our building (work) and I walked home and am
here safely. I’m just watching TV and it’s so surreal. I was walking down
Fifth Avenue… and looking down the street toward downtown where the World
Trade Center used to be. All there is now is smoke. Fifth Avenue was
basically shut down, so people were walking down the middle of the street.

Anyway, better go. Just wanted to update. I know the phones have been all
clogged up. It has been hard for me to get an outside line. I’m looking into
the possibility of giving blood and all that.

love to all,


From Wed Sep 12 14:13:43 2001
Subject: Re: Re: [yadayada] situation

The walk home is only about a mile or a mile 1/2. It was nothing compared to
some people who walked home to Brooklyn or Queens. You may have seen pictures
from above as people walked over the bridges. The people who live in New Jersey
or elsewhere are the ones that had it most difficult.

When I walked home, the subways were not running. They had just evacuated them
not long before. The busses weren’t running below 34th street — at least not
on the route I would usually take home. By evening time, many of the lines are
running again, although I think there are some that still aren’t running. The
whole of Manhattan below 14th street is closed. All businesses are closed by
government decree, only a couple of subway stations are open down there, and
people aren’t allowed to enter unless they have some form of ID that shows that
they live down there.

Yeah, I think I am also holding off on giving blood until later. I know there
are long waits and they will probably need it more later, after the initial
wave of donors slacks off.

Anyway, I’d better go. I have been writing stuff today and it’ll be at
http: and http:// when it’s



From Wed Oct 03 06:26:06 2001
Subject: Re: Re: [yadayada] Fwd: Billy Graham’s daughter interviewed

by the way, I put some pictures from downtown Manhattan (I went down on
Sunday)… and also the one of Aunt Eva, Aunt Mary, Debby, and myself from
their visit … on the Yahoo! groups site for the YadaYada group. I think you
should be able to see them at: http://

The ones of downtown don’t even begin to capture how it feels to be down there
with the smell, the desolation, and all of the tourists at the barricades
straining to get a look at the wreckage. As you can tell, Battery Park has been
taken over by the National Guard, which has set up tents, etc. there. Kind of
strange. There are military folks all over. Anyway, just wanted to share.


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