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Here’s my weekly round-up of the interesting and though-provoking around the Web:

Exploiting Beauty in the Workplace – Gill Corkindale – Harvard Business Review. Interesting piece about the role looks play in the workplace. In sales positions, especially, being physically attractive is rewarded. With myself, I know that I don’t feel as confident when I’m not looking my best, and that likely plays into things, too.

* Sexism is Complicated. The always-interesting Liz Gumbinner takes the internet scandal du jour (the infamous JC Penney t-shirt) and puts it into much-needed context.

* Once You Read This You Will Know More About Me Than I Ever Intended You To Know. Gayla Trail, gardening writer at YouGrowGirl.com, writes about a challenging childhood experience that shamed her, and shaped her into the gardener that she is now. A beautifully-written moving post.

* How do we teach kids empathy in an age of narcissism? Very thoughtful post from the lovely Sweetney (aka Tracey) musing on what seems to be a trend these days — a lack of empathy. (I noted this in a Tweet relating to Facebook comments on a story about the TX drought.)  Is it reality TV? Is it the Internet? I don’t know, but it scares me to think of my kids growing up without the ability to empathize with others’ suffering and joy. I know the Internet isn’t having this affect on me, because I regularly find myself weeping at others’ misfortune after I’ve read about it online. Are others seeing this? Thoughts?

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